Komune Living

Last stayed in January 2022

Type of room stayed in: Dreamer Studio

Value – 4.5/5
Cleanliness – 4/5
Ambiance – 4/5
Staff services – 4/5

Location – At Bangsar South, nearby the Sphere and also accessible via LRT. Generally, I feel it is a good place for a quick and quiet night stay. Or if you are looking at a simple, comfortable no fuss accommodation, this is it.

Lobby – The setting look similar to any hotel lobby area with the bright yellow lighting and marble tiles. It has a plant island in the middle which makes the space very crowded especially when there are people seated there (instead of seating at the proper waiting space on the left). Before that is also the self check in counter.

Check in / Check out process – There are two modes of check in. If you already have your booking confirmation number, you can do self check in. If not, you may proceed to the manual counter. There are also a few staff assisting you if you are unsure of any of the step. For self check in, just get ready your IC and your credit card for payment to move the queue faster.

Staff – Helpful and friendly.

The room – I am at level 24 (with 29 being the highest where the viewing deck / infinity pool / gym are). Once you are in the room, everything is there for you to see. For one person or two, it is a good enough room that has kitchenette, fridge, bathroom, a double bed, a cabinet, a bench, luggage compartment (this is cleverly done by having a space in the underneath bed frame itself) and a working table. No toiletries provided.

The room even though simple looking, it does feel comfortable. It also feature a big mirror that makes the room looks bigger. I do like the fact that the room has a lot of plug points and USB port that make it very convenient especially when you need to work. And for a small room, it has various light switches to set the room ambiance to your liking.

When I first on the bathroom tap, the water was brown and I can only associate this with the rust that may have been in their piping system. But after opening it long enough to flush it out, the water is alright. But still, I won’t use those water to boil to drink. I walked to a convenience store nearby (about 400 metres walk) to buy mineral water instead. Meanwhile, Level 1 is a community space where it has vending machine too.

Meanwhile, the shower cubicle does not have a door so I could potentially wet the entire bathroom. Then, I feel the design of the frosted glass sticker doesn’t need the dots. I just feel it cheapen the look of it.

Hotel facility – Do check out their infinity pool and viewing deck. I do feel it is one of the highlight for this hotel. The café was closed though during my time of stay.

Hotel parking – I got confuse initially with the parking and I parked at South Link, the building across the hotel. You can still walk to the hotel (via exit at B1). But the hotel do have its parking and is a flat rate of RM5 per day.

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