Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara

Last stayed in May 2022

Type of room stayed in: Junior Suite (upgraded)

Value – 4.5/5
Cleanliness – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4/5
Staff services – 4.5/5

Location – This is at Pusat Damansara, nearby to the MRT station as well as DC Mall. Pretty central location for you to get around to Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya. But the construction around the area makes the traffic flow very confusing. Just drive slowly around that area. I think the construction may come to an end soon.

In general, I do feel this is a nice hotel for a quick getaway and staycation. I stayed for 2 nights but I think I could easily do with 3 to 4 nights here without feeling bored.

Lobby – At a glance, the layout can be seen as cluttered but having said that, I find it unique too on how it flows with the coffee house, cafe, the waiting area, the lift lobby etc. Plus, the wood and metal fittings used have a form of elegance to it, matching the greyish tone marbles and some art pieces display that they have. Contemporary and done with a taste.

Check in / Check out process – It was a very busy weekend due to the public holidays. The staff did try their best (with politeness too) to clear the queue as fast as they can. We do get the key first and have to wait a while for the room to be ready and sanitize.

Staff – Great and warmth bunch of staff they have here. Very welcoming. Also the hotel occupancy is very high and staff were very patience in handling their task. All their F&B outlets staff are very service oriented and friendly.

The room – Our room was upgraded to a Junior Suite. It is sizeable with a walk in wardrobe. Even their bathroom (that comes with a bath tub) is pretty huge.

I like their huge TV that can be swiveled and it looks magnificent especially pairing it with my new PS5. 🙂

In terms of the interior design, I do wish it translate from how their lobby is. I don’t see a unique feature or a distinct identity of their own. Don’t mistaken me, the room finishing are of high quality though. But it has too much of a business class hotel vibes (it does come equipped with all the relevant 5 star hotel amenities). Of course, there is nothing wrong with that “business class hotel” vibes but after going through the lobby, it possibly has set a different expectation for me. On a small note, I don’t really like the wall mirror that they used, not so much a fan of antique looking item.

I like the bed but I didn’t like the pillow. Too soft for my liking.

Hotel facility – I like their pool design and its layout. Although it is a bit small but it has a very serene vibe. It also has a bar attached to it. Can enjoy a dip with drink.

Tried their sauna too. The attached changing and shower area and well maintained and clean.

Hotel F&B – Managed to try all their 3 outlets and the food is great. For their breakfast, the variety is good.

Nizza and Wan Chun Ting’s (the Chinese restaurant) food is yummy and nice ambiance. Very hospitable staff.

Hotel parking – It was free parking as it was public holiday. Unsure how much it cost for normal days. When I came here for a function, it was flat rate of RM10 upon verification.

The hotel room lift is not directly connected to the parking. You still have to change lift (it is attached to their main lobby).

Legoland Hotel

Last stayed in April 2022

Type of room stayed in: Pirate and Kingdom Room

Value – 4.5/5
Cleanliness – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4/5
Staff services – 4.5/5

Location – About 3 hours drive from my home at Kajang. The hotel is just right beside the theme park, waterpark and Sea Life. A lot of different choices of food surrounding this area including fast food as it is attached to the Medini Mall. Price at the café inside the theme park may be slightly pricey.

Lobby – The moment you step into the hotel, everything is Lego (duh). But it is nicely done and well thought off. So don’t expect your typical lobby design beside the warm lighting and double ceiling that you would find in most 5 star hotels.

Throughout the day, there are numerous showcases scheduled including meet and greet with life size Lego character.

I do find the disko lift unique. And each one has different wallpaper design.

Check in / Check out process – Fast and efficient. We stay in Pirate room for day 1 and premium Kingdom Room the day 2. The hotel also helped us to transfer our luggage from one room to the other while we enjoy ourselves at the water park.

Staff – Always with a smile on their face. Warm and friendly.

The room – In general, kids would love the thematic room especially if they are into Lego. Everything is nicely decorated according to the theme that you chose, from the light to the mirror to the curtain, wall deco, basin etc. They have 4 main themes; Pirate, Kingdom, Adventure and Ninjago. The premium one has more decoration and Lego structure compared to the normal room. But the layout and the size is the same.

This hotel is also very children friendly and children oriented. In the room, they have a double decker bunk bed and a roll out bed for the children. The parent room (with a king size bed) is adjoining, separated by a sliding door. They even have yukata for children (cute and first time seeing it provided in any hotel room)

Each room also has a mini game, treasure hunt for the kid to find the code to open the treasure chest which has a Lego minifigure.

Would the adult enjoy it? Yes, I do think so if they are coming with family. It will be a great family get together or bonding time. And if you are a Lego fan, that is an added bonus. I would think that any adult won’t really come to Legoland alone or with their peers cause those rides are not really adult oriented.

My only small complain is I wish the plug point s would have come with USB charger.

Hotel facility – They have a swimming pool and it is very safe for the kids with life jacket provided and lifeguard on duty as well. The common lobby play area with Lego is closed at the moment (but you can find duplo in your room)

Hotel F&B – Currently, only the Brick Restaurant is opened. We wanted to try the French and the Japanese restaurant but they have not resume operation yet. Fret not, walk opposite to Medini Mall and their Grocer Market has a pretty extensive menu with reasonable price (cheaper than cafes inside the theme park too).

The buffet breakfast has quite a good spread with a lot of consideration given to the kids.

Hotel parking – You can park at hotel, free if you are a guest. If not, it will be RM50 per day. If you are Legoland annual pass holder, you will get free parking too.

Fairfield by Marriott Kuala Lumpur

Last stayed in February 2022

Type of room stayed in: Deluxe room (upgraded)

Value – 4.5/5
Cleanliness – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4/5
Staff services – 4.5/5

Location – Opened in December 2021, this hotel is just right beside the old Grand Season. Nearby, there is a monorail and LRT station. Due to Bulatan Pahang, traffic at the surrounding area can be mad at peak hour.

Lobby – Nothing grand looking. A cosy effective space with two counters on the right, a waiting area (also known as The Market where you can grab some snacks) on the left and up ahead the entrance, the lift lobby.

Check in / Check out process – Fast and efficient. There wasn’t many check in at that time as I manage to get early check in.

Staff – Polite and helpful. I also find the staff at the Café is particularly warmth and friendly.

The room – I got an upgraded room to the corner Deluxe Room. It is large and comfortable which comes with all 4 stars hotel amenities. What I particularly like is also the 60″ inch Samsung TV that came with adjustable bracket. In fact, I brought my PS4 to play a newly release game, only to realize that I forgot to bring the controller.

Another great feature is your bed is actually facing a large window and cover almost one side of the wall overseeing KL city. Waking up to a sun shiny day to this view is not half bad. In fact, even the bathroom blind can be opened.

The room has a sizeable 3 seater sofa and a round table. The clothes rack, the TV panel and the working desk are all seamlessly joint. The bed is comfy with good lighting ambiance surrounding it too. The side bed light design is pretty unique, very unusual.

Oh! Their deluxe room do come with a bathtub, which I feel another unique point cos it is very rare to get a 4 star hotel to have bathtub. The bathroom also has a rain shower, two basins and a make up desk just right outside.

On the downside, I do feel the room colour theme is a bit bland (white and grey with light earthy brown). And I do expect a form of signature smell for the room (since it is by Marriott) but it doesn’t have.

Also, one other bugbear of mine is the sound proofing of the room. I can hear the sound of the traffic quite clearly especially in the middle of the night with the mat rempit revving their motorbike engine.

Hotel facility – I was hoping for a swimming pool and sauna but they don’t have one. Only a gym. Also, if their lift have directory, that will be great.

Hotel F&B – Did manage to try their breakfast at the Lesung (Level 2) , it is alright, decent quality. And there is a balcony with table too where you can chill out.

Hotel parking – You can park at the immediate outdoor parking at RM5 per entry.

Komune Living

Last stayed in January 2022

Type of room stayed in: Dreamer Studio

Value – 4.5/5
Cleanliness – 4/5
Ambiance – 4/5
Staff services – 4/5

Location – At Bangsar South, nearby the Sphere and also accessible via LRT. Generally, I feel it is a good place for a quick and quiet night stay. Or if you are looking at a simple, comfortable no fuss accommodation, this is it.

Lobby – The setting look similar to any hotel lobby area with the bright yellow lighting and marble tiles. It has a plant island in the middle which makes the space very crowded especially when there are people seated there (instead of seating at the proper waiting space on the left). Before that is also the self check in counter.

Check in / Check out process – There are two modes of check in. If you already have your booking confirmation number, you can do self check in. If not, you may proceed to the manual counter. There are also a few staff assisting you if you are unsure of any of the step. For self check in, just get ready your IC and your credit card for payment to move the queue faster.

Staff – Helpful and friendly.

The room – I am at level 24 (with 29 being the highest where the viewing deck / infinity pool / gym are). Once you are in the room, everything is there for you to see. For one person or two, it is a good enough room that has kitchenette, fridge, bathroom, a double bed, a cabinet, a bench, luggage compartment (this is cleverly done by having a space in the underneath bed frame itself) and a working table. No toiletries provided.

The room even though simple looking, it does feel comfortable. It also feature a big mirror that makes the room looks bigger. I do like the fact that the room has a lot of plug points and USB port that make it very convenient especially when you need to work. And for a small room, it has various light switches to set the room ambiance to your liking.

When I first on the bathroom tap, the water was brown and I can only associate this with the rust that may have been in their piping system. But after opening it long enough to flush it out, the water is alright. But still, I won’t use those water to boil to drink. I walked to a convenience store nearby (about 400 metres walk) to buy mineral water instead. Meanwhile, Level 1 is a community space where it has vending machine too.

Meanwhile, the shower cubicle does not have a door so I could potentially wet the entire bathroom. Then, I feel the design of the frosted glass sticker doesn’t need the dots. I just feel it cheapen the look of it.

Hotel facility – Do check out their infinity pool and viewing deck. I do feel it is one of the highlight for this hotel. The café was closed though during my time of stay.

Hotel parking – I got confuse initially with the parking and I parked at South Link, the building across the hotel. You can still walk to the hotel (via exit at B1). But the hotel do have its parking and is a flat rate of RM5 per day.

EST (KL Sentral Bangsar Suite)

Last stayed in December 2021

Type of room stayed in: Deluxe Two Bed Room Apartment (all photos used in this review are stock photos as I went to this apartment with my family and before I could capture any nice shot, everything and everyone is all over the space 🙂

Value – 4.5/5
Cleanliness – 4/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Staff services – 4.5/5

Location – This property is located nearby KL Sentral / Brickfield area and it has a connecting bridge to Bangsar LRT Station. If you are into massage, Brickfield has a lot of outlets that are run by blind therapist.

Lobby – A small-ish space which has a Concierge area for you to register to get your access card to the EST lobby / lift area (it doesn’t have a front desk to check you in – do read below for the check in / out process). You also need to give RM50 (cash only) as security deposit for the access card. Right next to it, come a huge lobby space that also serve as a guest waiting area.

Check in / Check out process – This booking is managed by Luxury Suites Asia and the contact person, Imran texted me with all the relevant info prior to the day of checking in.

When I was registering at the Concierge, Imran at the same time came to check me in, got the room security deposit of RM250 and passed me key to the unit. (The room security deposit can be made via credit card or cash / online transfer)

Upon check out, I have to call him for him to do the room inspection and when everything is in order, the deposit will be returned accordingly. (But don’t forget to also return the other access card at the Concierge to get back your RM50).

Staff – My contact person, Imran is definitely a warm and cordial gentleman. Very approachable too.

The room – Our unit is at level 33 (with the city view) but at the same time, I am afraid of height. Haha. But it is nevertheless a very nice unit. It came with two bedrooms (which has one king size bed and the other with queen size), a loft area with a single bed and another compartment partitioned by curtain that comes with a sofa bed.

The unit also has a kitchenette, a dining area (with a 4 seater dining table) and a living room (with a three seater sofa and a working desk). Oh! The unit also has a balcony that do have clothes hanging rack and two bathrooms.

The furniture and layout gave it a very homely and comfy feeling. The earthy colour tone furniture with grey tiles and white fixtures adds to that ambiance too.

The ceiling light on the kitchen, dining and living room are all on a single rail. I do feel that if only the owner add one or two more lights on that rail or one more lighting rail on other end of the ceiling, it will further give the entire space a better lighting ambiance. Meanwhile, the stair leading to the loft is not that brightly lit and the steps are also a bit steep and need extra caution.

The unit is generally clean except for small unwashable stain on the sofa and bed sheet.

Hotel facility – Sadly, the apartment swimming pool is still close. I wish I would be informed when making the booking but wasn’t sent the info about this until a day before check in.

Hotel parking – To get a flat rate of RM15 per day, please do change your ticket with the Concierge. Or else, it is RM5 per hour (that does not have a limit).

Sunway Putra Hotel

Last stayed in December 2021

Type of room stayed in: Superior Double Room

Value – 4.5/5
Cleanliness – 4/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Staff services – 4.5/5

Location – It is located just right beside Sunway Putra Mall which is convenient and there is a LRT attached to it as well. However, as I came during the continuous rain that wrecked havoc in a lot of areas, flash flood was surrounding the road in.

Lobby – Very large and neat looking lobby, located at level 9.

I do initially find it difficult to find the hotel lobby so I ended up going to the mall ground level, walk out from the mall to the hotel and from there, take another lift to the lobby.

But there is actually a lift (look for Sunway Tower lift) that leads you from the mall to the hotel lobby and also another lift at the parking area that has access to the lobby.

Check in / Check out process – It was a very busy weekend. I had to wait about 20 mins before my turn. They do have 5 operational counters but the volume is extremely high that weekend.

Staff – Friendly, warm and service oriented

The room – I stayed at Level 11 (same level as the swimming pool and gym and the hotel has 25 floors).

I really like the colour choice that they made (cyan, grey and beige). They designed it with taste. The room is very neat looking and it is very spacious (it actually look bigger than the photo that I took). The carpet looks very new too; perhaps they have done some refurbishment.

It feels very comfortable to be in this room. It has a very inviting aura. If I have to nitpick, it will be the light switches. It is confusing and as they have around 8 buttons to control the entire lighting system. I couldn’t really figure out which button control which light even by the time I checked out. LOL. I guess too much option for the guest at times is not that good too. However, I must commend, even though they use a lot of white light (instead of the yellow warm light), it still very alluring.

Another item if I have to nitpick is the bedsheet do have some tiny spots stain and some strain of hairs. But beside that, the room certainly exceeded my expectation.

The room do come with amenities of a 4 to 5 stars hotel minus hand towel and bathrobe (cost cutting exercise perhaps).

Hotel parking – It shares the same parking as the mall. It is free of charge (once you validate at the concierge). At the parking, you can look for a entrance that label “Hotel / Grand Ballroom” or else you will be walking blindly like I did.

Red One KLCC

Last stayed in December 2021

Type of room stayed in: Grand Deluxe Double Room

Value – 4/5
Cleanliness – 4/5
Ambiance – 3.5/5
Staff services – 3.5/5

Location – The hotel is just located beside Stripes and that area is surrounded by some nice cafes. In the morning, went over to Yut Kee to packed our breakfast. Another outlet you should look out for is JOLOKO.

Lobby – There is a small check in counter and not a full fledge working lobby. The ambiance at this moment reminds me of walking into a lower end apartment lobby.

Check in / Check out process – The way they handle it is ala air BnB method; different agent will handle different rooms. There is no centralised check in with FOH staff stationed at the lobby. I was caught off guard with this system as it was not mentioned anywhere in the booking system. I booked through and I have to call a specific number reflected in the booking confirmation.

But once the agent is there, it was quite fast.

Staff – Very hard for me to describe as the way the hotel function is very different (not the typical hotel system where one would experience). If there is any breakdown or problem with the room, I will have to call the agent who checked me in.

The room – True to its name, from the walkway to your room, red is the main colour theme including the carpet, fixtures, pillow cover, furniture, TV racks etc.

Once you enter the room, you get a proper (pretty spacious) dressing area, clothes rack that leads to the bathroom (closed by sliding door with no lock though). The room also has a working table, a single sofa settee and a narrow balcony overlooking buildings upon buildings.

The room has amenities similar to a 3 to 4 stars hotel. But what I find unique is it has a proper chinese tea making pot (beside a coffee making machine). Never see this before in any hotel.

The lighting ambiance is alright and comes with an adjustable reading light on both side of the bed.

Hotel facilities – We used the swimming pool at level 25 (infinity pool). The view can be quite nice.

Hotel parking – There is only limited valet parking at the hotel. I do find it a bit troublesome when it is full cos that area is not that friendly with parking and traffic too.

Indie Hotel

Last stayed in December 2021

Type of room stayed in: Small Double Room (actually it is quite sizeable despite its name)

Value – 4.5/5
Cleanliness – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4/5
Staff services – 4/5

Location – It is near Tengkat Tong Shin area which used to be a bustling area. If you are a foodie, within walking distance from the hotel still got some nice cafes. I tried Feeka and Rabbit Hole and I like both the places.

Lobby – Cozy little lobby with nice mural. Due to physical distancing, during peak hour (check in / check out time), it can be slightly cramped.

Below is the walkway to the room. I did had trouble finding my room initially cos the room number was actually made from the small tiles on the floor but I kept looking at the door (eye level). Silly me.

Check in / Check out process – Not much of a hassle. They do take RM100 refundable security deposit.

Staff – Generally friendly.

The room – The room is definitely beyond my expectation. The first thing that actually caught my attention was the door design which simulate the olden day shophouses grilled door.

I find the room to be spacious and the layout is very functional; the multi racks on the right hand side with a single sofa settee with a working table on the left and immediately after, that is the bed. In between, it has space that is big enough for you to do some stretches and exercises too if you wish. The bed area is carpeted meanwhile the rest of the floor is timbre strip; these kinda give a clear demarcation of the two areas.

The toilet is a bit small but what I like most was the rain shower. LOL. The water pressure is great!

The room is decorated with numerous old photos which I assume was the olden days of Batu Road. Plus, the hidden downlight on the wall and uplight on the bed head give the room a very inviting ambiance.

The room is very comfortable clean and well maintained. It comes with amenities ala any 3 to 4 stars hotel.

Hotel parking – They only have valet parking and limited space. They do charge RM20 per day per car. Slightly steep I feel (no free parking). There are open air carpark nearby as well which is within walking distance.

Signature Hotel & Service Suites, Hartamas

Last stayed in December 2021

Type of room stayed in: Queen Studio (upgraded to Standard King Studio)

Value – 4/5
Cleanliness – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4/5
Staff services – 4/5

Location – It is in a centralised location of Desa Sri Hartamas, just right beside the highway. There is no immediate public transport surrounding that area. That whole area is filled with business complexes with lots of F&B outlet and misc retails.

Lobby – It is at their Sky Lobby (Level 7). A cozy space with a circular front desk with some single chairs as waiting space.

Check in / Check out process – A pretty quick process for me. I was trying my luck to see whether I can do early check in and I managed to. Actually, the room that I booked was not ready but the Front Desk Officer was kind enough to find a room that is ready and upgraded my room (a very nice gesture, much appreciated)

Staff – Generally helpful and friendly, some are more than the other. (Thank you to the Front Desk Officer who helped me with my early check in)

The room – The room that I got is a SOHO (“Small Office, Home Office”) unit. It has a small living room, a kitchenette plus equipped with a washing machine too. For my need for this weekend, this is definitely a luxury. Furthermore, in terms of amenities, it comes with all the items that you can find in a 4 to 5 stars hotel.

The bed is an extra large bed with an ok mattress and pillow. The bathroom is slightly small to maneuver around especially the shower space. If it is just one foot more (in depth), that will be nice.

The room is overlooking the highway. The noise from the traffic can be heard from inside the room (mainly the leakage come from the shower room window).

Generally, the room is clean and well maintained. It feels comfortable the moment you step in.

Hotel Facility – I didn’t use the facility but they do have a gym that can fit 3 to 4 person comfortably with distancing and an infinity pool.

The hotel lift is a bit slow. Or rather, the capacity is only 2 person per lift hence it can get very busy during peak hours like check in / check out time.

F&B – Instead of the hotel outlet, I went down and tried Martha’s Kitchen (Spanish cuisine). Great food especially the pork cheek. They serve good tapas too.

Hotel parking – The hotel do have a basement parking and don’t forget to validate your ticket at the front desk. It is complimentary parking for hotel guest.

RuMa Hotel and Residences

Last stayed in November 2020

Type of room stayed in: Deluxe King

Value – 4/5 (we booked during a promo period where the room has up to 70% discount)
Cleanliness – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4/5
Staff services – 5/5

Location -Beside the traffic that can be horrible and the construction at some of the roads leading here, I would say the location of this hotel is strategic. It is walking distant to Pavilion and KLCC (two biggest shopping malls at this area). I also walked to Novotel to enjoy a massage first before dinner time.

Lobby – I must admit, I was a little confuse with the design concept of this hotel. I cannot make out what style it is. I can see element of Balinese, Japanese and perhaps some of our own Malaysian element. Or maybe, this is their own crafted identity and I should stop connecting the dots. 🙂 Anyway, the lobby is located at the right hand side of this glorious staircase.

Check in / Check out process – It took a bit of time as they were very busy but they have nice waiting area for the guest.

Staff – This is one of the biggest highlight for me. From the moment I step into the hotel right until I checked-out, I have nothing but praise for their staff and their hospitality. It is top notch. So welcoming, courteous and friendly. It is such a pleasant and wonderful experience when dealing with any of their staff.

The room – Their room is huge. It really feels like going inside a “rumah” (a house). All their furniture, fittings and finishing are really high end and sturdy. It is quality material. The room uses a lot of wood based material (maybe because of the rumah kampung concept)

From the bedroom, it looks and leads straight into a changing area, separating the toilet on one side and the bathtub / shower area at the opposite end. Once again, this area is spacious.

But like I said, my only grip is with the design elements which I can’t decide whether it is to my liking or not.

Hotel F&B – Went to ATAS to try their 5 course fine dining (together with my wife to celebrate our wedding anniversary). I enjoyed the entire experience. Both of us choose slightly different appetizer and main. The food has great taste and unique presentation for each dishes. Plus, their staff service is really first rate!

Hotel parking – Yes, the hotel do have a basement parking and it is convenient.

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