Four Points Chinatown

Last stayed in Dec 2020

Type of room stayed in: Deluxe King Room

Value – 4/5
Cleanliness – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4/5
Staff services – 4/5

Location – Very convenient to find food. A lot of good eateries and bar surrounding (do check out PM150 and Hungry Tapir). On weekend, most of the cafes are packed.

Within walking distance, you can head to Kwai Chai Hong, Petaling Street or Dataran Merdeka. I feel the whole surrounding area is fill with a lot of history that is worth looking into it.

Lobby – The lobby is located at 7th floor. The general hotel aesthetic is blending in Chinese olden days design element with a modern twist. I do feel it works.

Staff – Friendly in a very corporate way (nothing bad in that though)

Check in / Check out process – It is fast and hassle free

The room – The design is very much a business hotel. Even the layout is pretty much standard with what you can find in a typical hotel. I did wish they would have extend the lobby aesthetic to the room as well. The only nice touch I feel in the room was the printed mural of the olden days shophouses of this area. Nevertheless, the room is still comfortable, clean and has a relaxing ambiance. 

My room overlook the Chin Woo Stadium as well as the new ultra high tower that is still under construction. (Side tracking, I don’t know why does Malaysia need such a high tower).

Hotel facilities – It has a mid size gym and a well maintained pool. But the facilities can be quite crowded on weekends when they have good occupancy. 

Also, I tried their bar Jann (which has an outdoor seating, at 7th Level). Its cocktail concoction and presentation is quite special. I remember having one that served in a traditional Chinese tea cup; it is a mixture of chrysanthemum tea with white wine primarily. But the price is a bit higher than some of the bars around that area (which are as equally interesting as Jann).

Hotel parking – The hotel do have their own parking but during weekend, it can be packed. There are numerous open air carpark too. Don’t forget to validate your ticket even if you are paying with credit card. 

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