EST (KL Sentral Bangsar Suite)

Last stayed in December 2021

Type of room stayed in: Deluxe Two Bed Room Apartment (all photos used in this review are stock photos as I went to this apartment with my family and before I could capture any nice shot, everything and everyone is all over the space 🙂

Value – 4.5/5
Cleanliness – 4/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Staff services – 4.5/5

Location – This property is located nearby KL Sentral / Brickfield area and it has a connecting bridge to Bangsar LRT Station. If you are into massage, Brickfield has a lot of outlets that are run by blind therapist.

Lobby – A small-ish space which has a Concierge area for you to register to get your access card to the EST lobby / lift area (it doesn’t have a front desk to check you in – do read below for the check in / out process). You also need to give RM50 (cash only) as security deposit for the access card. Right next to it, come a huge lobby space that also serve as a guest waiting area.

Check in / Check out process – This booking is managed by Luxury Suites Asia and the contact person, Imran texted me with all the relevant info prior to the day of checking in.

When I was registering at the Concierge, Imran at the same time came to check me in, got the room security deposit of RM250 and passed me key to the unit. (The room security deposit can be made via credit card or cash / online transfer)

Upon check out, I have to call him for him to do the room inspection and when everything is in order, the deposit will be returned accordingly. (But don’t forget to also return the other access card at the Concierge to get back your RM50).

Staff – My contact person, Imran is definitely a warm and cordial gentleman. Very approachable too.

The room – Our unit is at level 33 (with the city view) but at the same time, I am afraid of height. Haha. But it is nevertheless a very nice unit. It came with two bedrooms (which has one king size bed and the other with queen size), a loft area with a single bed and another compartment partitioned by curtain that comes with a sofa bed.

The unit also has a kitchenette, a dining area (with a 4 seater dining table) and a living room (with a three seater sofa and a working desk). Oh! The unit also has a balcony that do have clothes hanging rack and two bathrooms.

The furniture and layout gave it a very homely and comfy feeling. The earthy colour tone furniture with grey tiles and white fixtures adds to that ambiance too.

The ceiling light on the kitchen, dining and living room are all on a single rail. I do feel that if only the owner add one or two more lights on that rail or one more lighting rail on other end of the ceiling, it will further give the entire space a better lighting ambiance. Meanwhile, the stair leading to the loft is not that brightly lit and the steps are also a bit steep and need extra caution.

The unit is generally clean except for small unwashable stain on the sofa and bed sheet.

Hotel facility – Sadly, the apartment swimming pool is still close. I wish I would be informed when making the booking but wasn’t sent the info about this until a day before check in.

Hotel parking – To get a flat rate of RM15 per day, please do change your ticket with the Concierge. Or else, it is RM5 per hour (that does not have a limit).

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