Empire Hotel Subang

Last stayed in May 2021

Type of room stayed in: Premier Essential Plus

Value – 4/5
Cleanliness – 3.5/5
Ambiance – 3.5/5
Staff services – 4/5

Location – Empire Gallery, a shopping centre is attached to the hotel and it is very convenient to get anything you want. Also, it has many choice of F&B outlets in that shopping centre. If you feel adventurous, you can go across to SS15 to get Chinese hawker food.

Lobby – I find it a bit difficult to navigate to the hotel lobby from the shopping centre despite the signages. Once arrived, it does give me the deserted feeling. The high ceiling does give it a grandeur feel but due to energy saving (I guess), a lot of the light is not on and it can be a bit too dim (and eerie) for some. Can’t help to feel that they are really trying their best to survive through this pandemic.

Staff – Doing their best that they can.

Check in / Check out process – Smooth flowing with no hassle. Also the time that I went, it was a bit quiet so it was fast. 

The room – I got an upgraded room where it has a nice living room (with a sofa and a 3 seater table) attached to it. I basically went to the supermarket at the shopping centre, got various ham and cheese with a can of beer and that was my dinner.

The longish layout bathroom is designed as the separator between the living room and the bedroom. It is spacious. The view is city / highway view so nothing to shout about. It has all the complete necessary amenities that you can find in any 4 to 5 stars hotel.  

But the furniture and the flooring did show some sign of aging.

Hotel parking – As it is attached to the shopping centre, there is ample parking available. However, I still need to take manual ticket so it can be validated and I can’t pay by Touch & Go (as that can’t be validated and it will be counted per hourly basis).  

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