Element Kuala Lumpur by Westin

Last stayed in December 2020

Type of room stayed in: Studio King

Value – 4/5
Cleanliness – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 3.5/5
Staff services – 4/5

Location -Located in Jalan Ampang where it is walking distant to KLCC. Situated 274 metres high up in Ilham Tower and this is kinda bad news for a person like me with fear of height.

Lobby – The lobby is in Level 40 of Ilham Tower. Very huge space and with it overlooking the city skyline, it is pretty magnificent. It is a simple layout but definitely looks good especially if the intention was to create that wow element when the patron first step into the lobby. (but due to my acrophobia, I didn’t dare to stand too long beside the glass panel.)

Check in / Check out process – Fast and professionally done

Staff – Friendly and very polite

The room – Perhaps I am overhyped with this hotel but I find the room has no distinguished feature. Beside the fact that it has great view, the room doesn’t have a unique identity of its own in the design. It is very neutral in the colour choice as well. Perhaps, that is the intention, for the patron to enjoy the view more rather than it getting too busy (with colours) in the room.

But for someone like me who is afraid of height, perhaps this hotel is not such a good choice as I will tend not look out to the window.

Generally, the room feels comfortable, clean especially the toilet looking very sterile. Just that it is lacking the ambiance (in the room).

Hotel F&B – Went to TRACE (located beside their lobby) and tried their 3 course meal. The food is good but not superb. But the view (we were seated at the side of the window) of the city centre skyline at night is definitely an awe to look at.

Hotel parking – Do park at Ilham Tower and there will be signages to direct you to the hotel. Or just ask their friendly security officers.

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