A&R Urban Hotel

Last stayed in October 2021

Type of room stayed in: Deluxe Queen Room 

Value – 4.5/5
Cleanliness – 4/5
Ambiance – 3.5/5
Staff services – 3.5/5

Location – It is at a business park so it is convenient to get food and daily necessities. But it is far away from city centre if you are aiming at going shopping. The traffic can be quite bad especially during peak hours. 

Lobby – A small workspace with a small waiting area on the left. 

Check in / Check out process – I didn’t realise that I have to pay cash as security deposit. Most hotels accept credit card but they don’t. So I had to go to the nearest ATM to get money out. It is RM100 refundable security deposit.

Staff – Let’s just say they are just doing their job, neither too friendly and neither unfriendly.  

The room – I was very surprise with the deco and look of the room, in a good way. It uses a lot of raw-finished materials (brick and cement mainly). It is not high end finishing. But yet, the designer manage to instill a very classy taste to it especially with the price that I paid that was less than RM100. It is very hip looking as well. It is a compact designed room with a very comfy feel to it. Kudos to the designer / architect.

But when I first enter, the toilet does have a certain unpleasant smell but luckily manage to get rid of it with diffusing my essential oil. Having said that, the toilet despite hard to navigate due to space, it looks good and on par with some of the KL boutique hotels that I have stayed in.

The sound proofing of the room is pretty bad. You can pretty much make out the conversation in the next room. 

Hotel parking – You have to park at the surrounding area which they do have proper parking (as it is a business park). Unsure whether on normal days do you have to pay the municipal parking fee or not. 

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