VE Hotel & residences

Last stayed in May 2021

Type of room stayed in: Deluxe Suite (I got my room upgraded)

Value – 4/5
Cleanliness – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4/5
Staff services – 4/5

Location – It is attached to Bangsar Nexus with various F&B outlets (but nothing much to shop). If you walk down the road, you can get local Malay hawker food too.

Lobby – A very big and spacious lobby. Brightly lit but felt a bit loss when I first enter.

Check in / Check out process – Fast and efficient

Staff – They were busy but yet always maintain a smile.

The room – It is a modern business class hotel. It is comfortable with good ambiance. This upgraded room that I stayed in also has a small designated work area over looking the city view (which also has a sliding door for some privacy).

The room uses a lot of wood finishing with timbre strip flooring. The bath room is slightly longish with good finishing (and it is clean more importantly).

The room is pretty spacious too cos I remember there were 4 of us playing uno on the table that was available at the side of the bed and it can fit us nicely.

Hotel facilities – They have an infinity pool for the adult and a smaller one for children.

Hotel parking – As the hotel is also attached to a residential and office complex, I was a bit lost trying to park at the right part so I can head to the lobby fast. However, I failed and still have to walk to find my way there.

A&R Urban Hotel

Last stayed in October 2021

Type of room stayed in: Deluxe Queen Room 

Value – 4.5/5
Cleanliness – 4/5
Ambiance – 3.5/5
Staff services – 3.5/5

Location – It is at a business park so it is convenient to get food and daily necessities. But it is far away from city centre if you are aiming at going shopping. The traffic can be quite bad especially during peak hours. 

Lobby – A small workspace with a small waiting area on the left. 

Check in / Check out process – I didn’t realise that I have to pay cash as security deposit. Most hotels accept credit card but they don’t. So I had to go to the nearest ATM to get money out. It is RM100 refundable security deposit.

Staff – Let’s just say they are just doing their job, neither too friendly and neither unfriendly.  

The room – I was very surprise with the deco and look of the room, in a good way. It uses a lot of raw-finished materials (brick and cement mainly). It is not high end finishing. But yet, the designer manage to instill a very classy taste to it especially with the price that I paid that was less than RM100. It is very hip looking as well. It is a compact designed room with a very comfy feel to it. Kudos to the designer / architect.

But when I first enter, the toilet does have a certain unpleasant smell but luckily manage to get rid of it with diffusing my essential oil. Having said that, the toilet despite hard to navigate due to space, it looks good and on par with some of the KL boutique hotels that I have stayed in.

The sound proofing of the room is pretty bad. You can pretty much make out the conversation in the next room. 

Hotel parking – You have to park at the surrounding area which they do have proper parking (as it is a business park). Unsure whether on normal days do you have to pay the municipal parking fee or not. 

The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel

Last stayed in March 2021

Type of room stayed in: Deluxe King

Value – 4.5/5
Cleanliness – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Staff services – 5/5

Location – Very centralised. Within walking distance to Jalan Alor and shopping malls like Pavilion and Lot 10. Good surrounding network of public transportation. Walked to Sao Nam, Tengkat Tong Shin for dinner during my stay (one of my favourite Vietnamese restaurant). 

Lobby – A cosy reception area with their cafe just right behind. 

Check in / Check out process – It was slightly chaotic as they were very busy and things were picking up after the MCO. 

Staff – Very friendly and always service with a genuine smile (despite it being a busy day for them).

When I was checking in, there was a guest who don’t speak much English who were asking about internet connection. I can sense the staff doesn’t understand much of what he says and vice versa. But yet, the staff was calm and tried his level best to explained to him. As it went on, I offered my help to translate with my limited Mandarin vocabulary (lol)

The room – The room has Netflix (haha). The room also has a huge sephia tone photo at the head of the bed which I feel compliment the wood / timbre aesthetic a lot. They use timbre strip as their flooring (felt very homely as well). The room is spacious, clean, good lighting, nice bed / pillow and complete with all amenities that a standard 4 to 5 stars hotel provides.   

Hotel facilities – They have a very photo worthy swimming pool but it was packed so didn’t venture any further beside standing at the entrance. 

Hotel parking – They have an outdoor parking but it can be quite packed on the weekend. As I dislike the traffic at that area, I came by MRT which take me 10 mins to walk from Bukit Bintang MRT station to the hotel. 

Le Meridien Putrajaya

Last stayed in January 2021

Type of room stayed in Signature King

Value – 4/5
Cleanliness – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Staff services – 4.5/5

Location – It is attached to IOI Putrajaya, a very busy shopping mall with a lot of brands to shop and eat; also has a cinema. But if you are looking to go to city centre, this is definitely located very far away (approximately 30km away)

Lobby – The high ceiling, vast white space (with some occasional dash of multi colours on the furniture) makes it look very sterile and grand. Very serene feel.

Check in / Check out process – Very structured and professionally done despite heavy traffic flow.

Staff – Friendly, helpful and professional

The room – Their signature smell of white tea is so ever soothing. The room, the soap, the shower gel are all of this calming smell. It is a business class hotel and equipped with all amenities. No particular aesthetic to its design.

If you are bath tub lover, the room does come with it. There is huge glass panel (with blind as well) to view from the bathroom to your room and vice versa.

Hotel parking – With the shopping centre, it has a lot of parking spaces. However, do use the entry for the hotel so that it leads you straight to the hotel lobby. 

Hotel F&B – Tried both Le Mei (Chinese cuisine but halal though) and Latest Recipe (buffet). I would say it is decent with nice environment. Food tasted good with nothing much to complain. I like the fact that the tables were placed pretty apart from one another.


Last stayed in April 2021

Type of room stayed in: Copper King (without window)

Value – 4/5
Cleanliness – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4/5
Staff services – 4/5

Location – Very centralised, at Bukit Bintang area that is surrounded with shopping malls, hotels, F&B outlets and good network of public transports. But I hate the traffic there so I didn’t drive.

Lobby – The hotel design esthetic has this metal, bronze feel. The lobby was very busy with traffic flow and not much of a space to navigate around. The lift to the guest room is pretty psychedelic in its design and the light can be a bit nauseating.

Check in / Check out process – It took a bit of time as they were very busy then…they also do collect refundable security deposit of RM200 (can be charged onto your credit card)

Staff – I feel they were a bit stressed out but still trying to maintain their composure and be as helpful as possible

The room – I remember when I walked in the room, my first impression was “why is the layout a bit weird?”. I will come across the toilet first (right in front of me and then a separate cubicle of bathroom before I can see my bed. It is kinda U shape layout.

The room is compactly design with no space wasted. The head of the bed also has a huge mirror. 

If you have a bit of budget, do get the room with window. I feel it does enhance the ambiance further.

Hotel parking – There is no hotel parking. You have to park at the surrounding areas. Or just come by public transport (very convenient with MRT and Monorail, Bukit Bintang stop)

Hotel F&B – The hotel has a Starbuck attached right next to it. They also used to have this good bar Mr Chew’s Chino Latino Bar but it is no longer operational.

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